Winstrike Team shifts Silent to substitute role

The CIS organization has placed one of its founding members in an inactive role as it prepares to make changes for the upcoming season

After coming up just short of the mark to reach the TI stage in Shanghai with a 2nd place finish in the TI9 CIS Qualifier, Winstrike Team is looking to the future as it makes preparations for the 2019-2020 season. To that end, the organization announced today that Carry Airat “Silent” Gaziev will no longer be a member of the team’s active roster. The organization’s announcement stated that Silent will remain as a reserve or substitute for Winstrike Team “until the end of 2019”, but beyond that it is not clear if the team will look to transfer him to another organization or simply release him to free agency.

Silent was one of the members of the original Winstrike Team roster, coming under the organization’s banner back in June of 2018 with its signing to the FlyToMoon roster. As a member of the organization, Silent helped the squad win the TI8 CIS Qualifier and make a 9th-12th place run at TI8 itself. However, that momentum proved hard to maintain once the 2018-2019 season got underway, as the efforts of Silent and Winstrike Team proved to be insufficient to earn the squad a spot on the Pro Circuit stage. Despite the struggles over the last season, Silent stands as a veteran player with experience both within the CIS region and on the international level. His experience will continue to aid Winstrike Team as it looks to rebuild its roster, and his eventually trade/free agency will almost certainly come as a boon to whatever squad he ends up on.

As for Winstrike Team itself, the search now begins for a new Carry to take the place left vacant by Silent’s shift to a substitute role. With TI9 now underway, that search will likely be delayed or otherwise slowed until the end of that event, when the Dota 2 world will brace itself for another annual edition of the post-TI roster shuffle. If the squad can manage to keep the rest of its lineup intact through that period, then it should hopefully enter the upcoming season with a strong roster of experienced players to pair up with its new Carry.


The roster of Winstrike Team following Silent’s shift to an inactive position:

Zaur “Cooman” Shakhmurzaev (Mid)
Alexey “nongrata” Vasilyev (Offlane)
Ilya “Lil” Ilyuk (Support)
Alexander “Nofear” Churochkin (Support)
Maria “Inverno” Gunina (Manager)

Winstrike Team’s announcement of its roster change

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