Tavo to leave FURIA Esports

The Brazilian organization has brought in a new member to replace its departing veteran

FURIA Esports made quite a splash in the offseason with its acquisition of South American veteran Otávio “Tavo” Gabriel, adding an experienced presence to what had otherwise been a younger and less proven roster. Just 2 months into the season though, it appears that tavo’s time with the organization has come to an end, as the Offlaner will be parting ways with FURIA Esports. In his place, FURIA Esports has introduced Felipe “NS-4RT” Costa as its newest member, with the new addition set to take over Offlaner duties for the team moving forward.

As of right now, tavo has not given any indication of his plans for the rest of the season. The Offlaner has previously played within both the South American and North American regions, so the possibility exists for him to join a squad in either region moving forward. Regardless of his eventual destination, tavo’s experience and skill should make him a valuable asset for any team with the next round of Pro Circuit qualifiers set to begin at the beginning of December.


The roster of FURIA Esports following the departure of tavo:

Leonardo “RdO” Fernandes de Guzman (Carry)
Henry “Murdoc” Felipe (Mid)
Felipe “NS-4RT” Costa (Offlane)
Lucas ” hyko ” Oliveira Morais (Support)
Hector ” Duster ” Pereira (Support, Captain)
Filipe “Astini” Ribeiro  (Coach)

FURIA Esports’ announcement (via Twitter) of tavo’s departure (Portuguese)

FURIA Esports’ announcement (via Twitter) of the addition of NS-4RT (Portuguese)

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