paiN Gaming disbands

Following a last place finish at the recent Minor, the South American squad appears to be splitting up

Some big news has dropped within the South American region, as one of the strongest squads in the scene is apparently set to disband. All-Brazilian squad paiN Gaming will no longer be moving forward with its current roster, with statements from Support Thiago de Oliveira “Thiolicor” Cordeiro indicating that the now former members of the squad will be going their separate ways. The news comes just over a week after the team’s season debut on the Pro Circuit stage, in which the South American squad put together a disappointing 7th-8th place finish at the DOTA Summit 11 Minor.

With paiN Gaming now appearing to be out of the picture in the South American region, the regional hierarchy is set to undergo a potential shift over the rest of the season. The early events and qualifiers from the region had already suggested a more competitive field of teams this season, but things could get even more interesting with one of the strongest and most consistent squads now longer playing together. Another point to consider for the South American scene is just where the now former members of paiN Gaming will end up. The market for skilled regional players with experience on the international level will almost certainly be a busy one, and the former paiN Gaming members should have a multitude of offers from squads hoping to upgrade or fill out their rosters. The coming days will reveal to us just how far the ripples of paiN Gaming’s disband will reach, but for now we say goodbye to one of the leading teams in the South American region.


The former roster of paiN Gaming:

William “hFn” Medeiros (Carry)
Adriano “4dr” Machado (Mid)
Rodrigo “Lelis” Santos (Offlane, Captain)
Thiago de Oliveira “Thiolicor” Cordeiro (Support)
Anderson “444” Santos (Support)
Lucas “Wodka” Luz (Manager)

Thiolicor’s announcement (via Twitter) of paiN Gaming’s disband (Portuguese)

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