Hello there internet person! I’m KMart and this is my personal blog. This is where I will post random thoughts, analysis, and writing with regards to professional Dota 2.

You might be asking yourself, “Who the hell is this guy and why should I care about anything he has to say?”. That’s a reasonable question to ask, although I could do without the rudeness if you don’t mind. The fact of the matter is that I’m not anybody of particular importance. I’m not a current or former professional player, nor am I a professional caster or prominent Dota 2 personality.

Alright, so those are all of the things that I am not, which doesn’t do much to tell you who/what I actually am. So here it is: I am an amateur streamer and Dota 2 caster, as well as a freelance Dota 2 writer/content creator. I love watching Dota and do so to a near obsessive degree, which leads to me forming a significant amount of thoughts and opinions that I want to share. Most of them will probably make no sense, and you may not agree with any of them, but it’s hard to talk and learn if you aren’t willing to put your thoughts out there. So here it goes.